How to upload a file

You have a design to upload?

Maybe your company logo. Maybe your family crest. Maybe some real neat design you've made. To make sure we get your artwork safe and sound, make sure it is one of these types of files and that the file type is in the file name.

.svg   .jpeg   .jpg   .png   .pdf    .ai   .psd    .eps

The file size can be no larger that 20MB. It is also best practice to not have any spaces in your file's name. For example: My_Awesome_Design.jpg or MyAwesomeDesign.jpg

One last request, the best file for us to work with is a vectored file. Now we realize not everyone has the Illustrator program, but if you do here's a quick lesson on how to vector your artwork before sending it to us.

Once in the design tool select Upload Artwork → Browse File or Drag and Drop your file where indicted.

How to upload artwork files

Once your file is uploaded you may see some options to crop or remove the white (typically the background) from your image or you can select the color you want removed by clicking directly on that color.

Remove color from artwork file

You'll see the design with any changes on our t-shirt. And the original file you uploaded will show up in the upload file section once you hit "back" incase you need to start over with your original.

Artwork on T-Shirt

Original artwork upload

You can upload more than one file and they will all reside here incase your working with many files for one design or just trying to figure out what design looks best.