How to use clipart and designs

Clip Art and Designs

We have a pretty good sized library of clipart and we add more all the time. You can search different categories to see if there is anything that works for you. Also included in the clipart library are a lot of our "pre-made" designs. So that if you like a design we offer but want it on a different type of t-shirt, you can custom make it in the designer. 

Once you're in the design tool, click on Add Designs → Clip Art.

How to open Clip Art


Then you can scroll through our categories or type what you are looking for in the search bar. If you are using one of our designs and your have the design number, you can enter it here as well.

How to search clip art.


Click on whatever you image you want and it will appear on your shirt. Some images will allow for you to choose a different color. Others, like our designs, are not changeable. 

Clip art search results

Once you've added the image to the shirt you can resize and move the placement anywhere within the bounding box. WAAAAA LAAAAAAA.