About Us

The T-Shirt Deli Co. Story goes like this.  We opened in November of 2003, and boy was it a lot of work. Not only did we want to find a way for Chicagoans to customize shirts, baby hats, underwear, and dog tees – but we wanted to make giving a gift just as fun as receiving it.

So we searched far and wide for gleaming white deli cases, rolls of perfectly waxed butcher paper, brightly colored stickers, and open-air wicker baskets to display our freshest selection of tees. We selected homegrown American Apparel brand shirts, and started to stock as many font choices and colors as cheeses in a New York deli.

Soon the city of Chicago was buzzing with the news of a t-shirt store with a whole new flavor. The T-Shirt Deli was picked as a “best one of a kind shop” by Frommer’s Guide to Chicago, and has been featured in O Magazine, Travel+Leisure, Chicago magazine, Chicago Social magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, the Chicago Tribune, and Lucky, among others.

Now The T-Shirt Deli, Co. is proud to provide an online store, so we can ship straight to you anywhere in the good ole U.S. of A!

Our Mission and Vision
At T-Shirt Deli, our mission is simple: "Made Fresh Daily." We strive to deliver quality custom t-shirts in a timely fashion, ensuring every customer gets a freshly crafted and unique piece of wearable art.

Our Brand Values and Beliefs
At the core of our brand, we believe in delivering unmatched quality and personalized experiences. Each t-shirt we create is a testament to our commitment to creativity, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction.

Our Team
We are not just sole entrepreneurs; we are a team of friendly and enthusiastic individuals dedicated to serving our customers excellently. Our team is always eager to assist and make your shopping experience enjoyable.

Our Target Audience
While our brick-and-mortar stores cater to the vibrant city of Chicago and its surrounding areas, our online presence allows us to reach t-shirt enthusiasts all over the US. Wherever you are, our custom t-shirts can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
What sets us apart is the deli-inspired twist we bring to the world of custom t-shirts. Each t-shirt is carefully wrapped, akin to a deli sandwich, and delivered in thoughtful packaging, including a bag of chips and a branded napkin. With a New York-style deli ambiance in our physical stores, you can handpick your t-shirt just like choosing your favorite toppings. It's an extraordinary experience and an ideal, thoughtful gift for yourself or someone else.

Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
As a brand that values inclusivity and diversity, we embrace people of all races, genders, cultures, disabilities, and sexual orientations. We stand firm against any form of hate speech and ensure our workplace is a haven of equal opportunities and respect.

We blend creativity, craftsmanship, and customer-centric values to serve you the freshest custom t-shirts with a delightful twist. 

Visit us at The T-Shirt Deli.